As a leading offshore banking center, DayTrust Private Finance offers offshore banking unique advantages. We have built a thriving financial services business. It now offers a variety of offshore structures to the needs of international investors. These include international companies companies, international corporations, protected cell companies, limited liability partnerships, investment funds, captive and other forms of insurance, international foundations, forex and securities trading, open ships registry, and a variety of other related services
What's Legal offshore banking?
It simply puts in a country other than the one in which you live or have the nationality or residence.

What are the advantages of legal offshore banking?
Offshore banking can tax benefits. For example, earned interest in offshore accounts and investments paid without the deduction of taxes. They may also be able to reduce your tax liability in your home country to transfer from savings and investments to an offshore account. Other advantages are a high degree of confidentiality, security and comfort, as well as global access.

Do I have to travel abroad offshore bank?
No, you have never actually visit your offshore bank. You can easily from anywhere in the World Bank you live via a secure Internet connection, secure email, post or telephone (either via a touch-tone phone or from your bank adviser or registered agent contact). You can use also provided an ATM card through the offshore bank.

Is it legal for me an offshore bank account to get?
Yes, absolutely legal. Offshore banking has been routinely and legally for many years by individuals, large and small businesses and organizations worldwide. Where the jurisdiction of high net worth individuals, has come offshore banking of age and is accessible to most everyone. Since many countries to promote international trade and business, there are usually only a limited restrictions for residents to do business or have bank accounts in other countries. However, reporting requirements on these accounts differ from country to country.

What is income tax on income I've earned offshore?
Some countries require residents to declare their income on a worldwide basis and to pay taxes on all your income. Under certain circumstances, the income of a company, you may also control taxable. For this reason, most countries have no restrictions be where your business interests, investments or bank accounts located. It is your responsibility to your income competent tax authority reported. Europe has no such requirement, and best of all capital gains tax.

If I pay taxes, why should I offshore bank?
There are many other reasons apart to minimize offshore to Bank of your tax bill. Other reasons include asset protection, estate planning, confidentiality, better yields and the ability to promote active business interests overseas from a zero-tax jurisdiction with nearly hermetic confidentiality.

I want my personal affairs reasons confidential than other tax minimization. Are confidentiality and privacy ensured?
Offshore jurisdictions offer exceptional degree of confidentiality, but they can not offer absolute confidentiality. All financial institutions are required by law to report suspected serious offenses. Foreign authorities can seek information about the legal system, where there is good reason to suspect serious crime. A felony is defined as something which is a crime in the offshore jurisdictions and would justify a prison sentence of at least twelve months. Nearby absolute anonymity and confidentiality can be reached through a combination of various offshore vehicles, including International Business Companies (IBC) and offshore trusts. Otherwise, everything is personal data subject to modern data protection law, and there are severe civil and criminal penalties for breaches of confidentiality and unauthorized disclosure of customer information.

Can I get a debit or credit card with my offshore account?
Yes. You will receive an internationally recognized debit or credit card. And you can access cash at ATMs worldwide.

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